STAA is an organization of timber experts carrying out commissions as arbitrators and surveyors in the
timber branch as well as in related fields. Thus we can also provide advice service and act as intermediaries
of contacts.
The STAA members are experts in legislation, contracts, etc. and have a long experience of handling national
and international questions in the timber branch.

An arbitration award has to be settled in a formal way. Our members have intimate knowledge of the laws and routines in force for the execution of a correct process with an impartial and legitimate judgement. The members in STAA are always up-dated in the judicial part of the arbitrator work through contacts with the Arbitration Insitute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce a.o. For other branch related questions we have continuous contacts with the organisation The Swedish Forest Industries Federation Wood Mechanical Section.
The STAA members are well-informed about timber technology and possess the competence required for fulfilling their commissions as independent surveyors at timber grading, claims-settlement, etc.
Expert Advice
The STAA members represent a wide range of various fields within the timber branch. They can be consulted about marketing, production, transportation, agency and wholesaler questions, etc.
The STAA members have an extensive network of branch contacts on all levels and can act as intermediaries between different parities, such as carriers and insurance companies.